Not everything of a «social system» can be «engineered», but a few things can.


social systems engineering stands for tailor measured management consulting and training.

It addresses managers who want to design and to control their «social system» systematically and in an integral manner.

The systems oriented approach of social systems engineering considers a «social system» in an integral manner. As the sketched out Express Reviews show, this doesn’t imply long delays until results can be obtained, nor does it ask for large-scale projects – rather the opposite is true! The individual components of the approach are interconnected among each other and oriented towards the whole: the viable organization. This allows for quick progressions in small steps.

However, the work with this approach is challenging. It only suits to managers who are willing to intensively deal with the vision, the mission, the strategy, the organization, the management system and with development of these components of their «social systems».

If this sound promising to you I’ll be happy to hear from you.


Markus Orengo
Dipl. Ing. ETH / MBA