At what point is a strategy comprehensive?

Various prerequisites are necessary in order to succeed with the strategy development for corporations, business units and organizational domains with expert or service focus. A mandatory prerequisite is a common understanding about what is meant with the term «strategy».

The Strategy Radar of social systems engineering provides a concrete contribution to this widespread nuisance. It can be learned in only a few hours, thanks to its intuitive design, the integration of widely known management models and a multi-level architecture.

The Strategy Radar depicts the topics a comprehensive strategy has to refer to. Consequently, the radar serves as a structure for the content level of practical strategy development, or for the table of content of a strategy document, respectively.

As the radar connects the individual topics in a causal and temporal logic, and as it structures each topic with suitable sub-models, it becomes a «preconfigured balanced scorecard». This cockpit helps managers to consider details and the greater whole at the same time. E.g. they can consider individual KPI at the same time than the viability of the organization they are responsible for.

The Strategy Radar has been refined over many years during its practical application. It connects insights from classical micro-economics, management cybernetics, systems theory, the St. Gallen-Approach in general and the writings of Aloys Gälweiler in particular. The over-all target for its development was: always correct from a systemic point of view, always holistic from a management point of view, always intuitive from a user point of view.

This makes the Strategy Radar suitable, first, for  «express projects», which have to deliver results in only a few hours. Second, the radar has proven its usefulness in large strategy projects, in particular if a larger number of managers is supposed to keep the focus over a longer period of time. A third domain of application is the design of strategy controlling systems which connect seamlessly to the strategy development process and which allow for a tight, closed-loop implementation controlling.

In connection with an application oriented variant of the Scenario Technique the Strategy Radar is the core model for strategy development of social systems engineering.