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«How do I increase the customer orientation in my organization throughout?»

There is hardly a corporate website that doesn’t contain a slogan like: «We are a customer oriented company».

If it was sufficient just to mention such a sentence, it would never happen that we as customers feel treated in an unfriendly manner. Nor would we ever annoy ourselves about products that have a dysfunctional design. Nor would we ever get lost in confusing processes.

Ironically, it is not only customers that are irritated about a lack of customer orientation. Many managers are fed up with their employees because they don’t want to think in a customer oriented manner. And the same employees are fed up with their managers, because they cover them with tasks that do not add value to their customers.

The book is not a patent remedy against insufficient customer orientation. However, it intends to provide clarification in two domains. First, it shows how customer value and customer orientation can be defined and operationalized in a practical manner. Second, it illustrates how the proposed understanding of customer value can be implemented in the daily management work in order that the organization learns to act in a customer oriented manner.