Customers, colleagues and other interested parties can download a simple Excel-Tool for the customer value analysis below. The tool is based on my German book Orengo (2017): «Kundenorientierung». Verlag Tredition, Hamburg (engl: Customer Orientation). For an English version please contact the author directly. The tool has been simplified so that everything of importance fits to one single page. It is suitable for studying the customer value analysis as well as for simple practical applications. For more complex applications in training and consulting projects, social systems engineering deploys more comprehensive instruments that allow for a more precise analysis of the market position. Please contact us in case you have any need for this.

The tool is licensed under a Creative Commons License (BY, NC, ND). It can be freely used and distributed if the author is appropriately credited. The use in commercial contexts is allowed, however, no charges are allowed for distributing the tool to others.

The German version of the tool picks up the restaurant example from the book. The English version remains in the same context. However, it models how an internet based pizza delivery service positions himself in that local restaurant market.

When using the tool please note the manual on the second sheet of the Excel document. In short: cells with blue font and the performance valuation (++, +, ⋅ , -, –) can be changed by the user. As soon as all data is entered correctly, an alternatives map displaying the customer value position is displayed.

social systems engineering provides this tool to you ‘as is’, without any warranty or other obligations. In particular, any liability linked to the use of this tool is excluded.